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contoh surat lamaran universitas

Bukittinggi, February 27, 2012
Attachment: A file                                                               
Subject: Application for Higher Education

Designation. Rector of the University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
United States of America

With Regards,

Based on the letter of invitation Mr number: 123456789 dated February 20 about the selection Admissions at Harvard University

Under the terms of the letter, I would qualify as a candidate for New Students through Student Potential Program Selection. Therefore, I submit this letter to Mr. with qualification as follows:

Name                                      : Haris wahyudi
Place, date of birth                 : Bukittinggi, 23 july , 1994
Origin school                           : SMK Negeri 1 Bukittinggi
Address                                   : Jalan Padang Bukittinggi Gamuak

For your consideration, my father attach letters and completeness of the data myself, is as follows:
1. One sheet of Personal Data
2. The copies of the registration fee payment receipt,
3. A copy of the first semester report card s.d. V terlegalisir,
4. One sheet of letter of recommendation of the Head Ssekolah
5. Thirty-four copies of certificates and Charter Award ever obtained
When Mr. accept me as a prospective student of Harvard University, then I promise to try to complete the study as soon as possible, as high achievers and keep order in force at Harvard University and will not waste the opportunity that Mr. provide.

I hope that Mr. Big will consider this proposal. Top your attention, I thank you.

Knowing                                                                                                       Yours sincerely
Parents / Guardians                                                                                         Applicants

      jhon navil                                                                                                Haris wahyudi

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